Case Studies

Each inspection requires a degree of engineering and has to be undertaken in the safest and quickest possible way in order to minimise disruption and reduce costs.

We strive to offer our clients the most effective answer for their challenge from a simple hire through to a bespoke inspection solution.

Over the years we have delivered these solutions on challenging structures such as the Forth Rail Bridge, the BT Tower, World’s largest Single skin LPG tanks, as well as a number of major offshore platforms. Each of these inspections posed us a challenge, however using our in-house design capabilities we were able to custom design a solution that overcame the challenge. Our solutions are designed to get results.

Subsea Crossings Inspection

subsea inspection of pipeline crossing
Marine inspection for subsea crossings between Outer Hebrides and West Cost Scotland for Scottish Water. Utilising a variety of techniques and equipment from Sonar, ROV, Subsea Cameras and qualified Divers.

Hydro power station support infrastructure inspection

The hydro power station at Garlogie – was recently the subject of a feasibility study, Inspectahire was approached by Aberdeenshire Council to inspect and identify the condition of the asset for the potential for reinstating the station to generate electricity.

Wind turbine inspection

wind turbine visual inspections
Using different technologies and techniques, including video probes and Non-Destructive Testing, we surveyed every part of a wind turbine: from the concrete base on which it stands, to the very tip of its blades and all the mechanics in between.

Inspection of the concrete structure and the tank foundation

The World’s Largest Single skin LPG tanks are located at the Sullom Voe Terminal in the Shetland Island’s. Each tank has a 22 000 tonnes capacity. They are 48m in diameter and erected in the 1970’s.

Atmospheric tank inspection

atmospheric tank inspection
Restricted rope access access and remotely operated Ultrasonic Crawler from the ground used to carry out in-servce tank inspection in Qatar.

Sea water tank inspection

sea water tank inspection
Routine Sea water tank inspections for Shell’s Brent Charlie Platform located in the North Sea provides engineers with a clear understanding of the current condition of important operational components.

Survey of 120-foot tall flagpole at Bannockburn

Bannockburn flag pole inspection
Inspectahire has helped to protect a unique piece of Scottish heritage at one of the country’s most iconic battlefields. Survery for National Trust for Scotland to determine the condition of the imposing 120-foot tall flagpole at Bannockburn.

Firewater pump inspection

Firewater pump inspection
CVI (Close Visual Inspection) of the Firewater Pump 3201B on a large offshore platform. Located in the covered pump room, access to the Pump Discharge Column Internals required removal of a section of the discharge pipework.

Inspection of Tubular Heat Exchangers

Tubular heat exchangers inspection
Onsite Inspections of tubular heat exchangers in Qatar for international oil and gas exploration and production company Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY).

Underwater Pipeline Inspection

Underwater pipeline inspection
Subsea Water Pipe Survey at Flotta, in Orkney. To determine the condition of the two pipes which run from the eastern shore to the west.

The Royal Mint Inspection and cleaning of a Coin Annealing Rotary Furnace section

Inspection and cleaning of a coin annealing rotary furnace section
The Royal Mint has a requirement to undertake a condition appraisal on a retort (scroll) that forms part of a Coin Annealing Rotary Furnace.

Visual and Pulsed Eddy Current inspections for well integrity monitoring and assessment

well integrity monitoring and assessment
In partnership with Shell Global Solutions and RTD to develop Visual and Pulsed Eddy Current inspections of production wells in the UK North Sea sector. Meeting the growing demands of well integrity monitoring and assessment.

Ethanol Vapour Leak Inspection at a Distillery

Ethanol vapour leak inspection
Non-instrusive Gas Find thermographic survey of Lagavulin and Caol Ila distilleries on Islay. Checking external vents outside the distilleries buildings for venting Ethanol Alcohol that is a known loss from the production stream.

Air duct and ventilation system inspection

Air duct ventilation system inspection
Investigation of existing air ducts and ventilation system within a 1910, grade A listed, Old Town Hall with a large extension. Survey for Rare Architects on behalf of their client.