Case Study

Survey of 120-foot tall flagpole at Bannockburn

Bannockburn flag pole inspection


Inspectahire has helped to protect a unique piece of Scottish heritage at one of the country’s most iconic battlefields. We were approached by the National Trust for Scotland to survey the imposing 120-foot tall flagpole at Bannockburn to determine its condition.

The structure – a listed monument – has stood on the battlefield since 1870 and its location commemorates the spot where the Scottish army stood in 1314 to await the approaching English forces. The lower section of the flagpole is made of riveted wrought iron and the upper section is constructed of wood. Because of fears that the metal may have rotted, and the structure would not be able to support a flag, one had not flown from the pole for a number of years.

Described as one of the most important historical monuments at Bannockburn, the 132-year old flagpole was constructed at a ship yard in Dumbarton and erected by Dumbarton and Stirling Masonic Lodges.


We used a range of Non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment to assess the flagpole’s condition, which will aid its restoration. Ultrasonic equipment was used to measure the thickness of the metal section of the flagpole and identify areas of corrosion.


The flagpole’s exact condition was identified and the necessary repairs could be carried out to allow a flag to once again fly high above the site.