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Multi-industry harsh and hazardous area inspections

As one of the UK’s leading inspection specialists, Inspectahire has worked on a diverse range of projects across the world.

From the legs of oil & gas platforms to the tips of wind turbines, via railway infrastructure and factory machinery, we have been called upon to undertake all types of inspections, in all environments – including harsh and hazardous areas. Trained in the latest health and safety practices, our inspectors are highly-skilled and boast an extensive knowledge and experience of inspecting all types of assets and equipment.

All our technicians are trained to work at height, either from aerial platforms or scaffolding, or using abseil techniques. They are also trained to work safely in confined spaces, such as platform legs, tunnels, mines and process vessels. Having established an enviable track record as a result of our multi-industry experience, we often draw on the experiences from one industry and apply them in an innovative way in another, along the way setting industry firsts.