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Pearpoint P350 Flexitrax

An advanced and highly modular portable crawler camera system for the Pipeline Inspection professional.


Modular, Rugged and Flexlible

  • Weather-proofed surface equipment (IP53 rated), for outdoor use.
  • Downhole equipment capable of operating submerged (IP68 rated) to depth of 330’ (100m).
  • Survey pipes from 1 ¼ “(35mm) to 24” (600mm) in diameter and above using pushrod and crawler systems from a single command module.
  • Compact and tough command module, can be left on the drum or fitted where convenient Ultra-bright 200mm (8”) industrial grade TFT screen with anti-reflective protection, offers the best picture in most light conditions.
  • Integrated pushrod support, switch from crawler to pushrod operation directly from the command module with no need to move cables Optional built-in pushrod battery -no need for mains power when using a pushrod.
  • Digital zoom and picture navigation functions to explore the live video picture and focus on problematic areas. Full PAL/NTSC MPEG4 videos and snapshots onto USB Memory stick or Compact Flash card offer a convenient way to store and transfer your survey data.
  • Manual or self-contained powered drum systems, supports van/truck or remote operations. Cable length from 300’ (100m) to 1000’ (305m) - Pushrod length from 100’(30m) to 450’ (150m).
  • Comprehensive Reporting Options

  • Integrated reporting system allows the creation of HTML or xml reports- on- site without needing extra equipment.
  • FlexiSight Manager PC application manages systems surveys and produces detailed WRC MSCC 5 compliant reports, including pipe graphs and optional inclination analysis.
  • Ethernet interface to third party reporting applications.
  • Downhole Power and Performance

  • Choice of two powerful crawlers, constructed in brass and stainless steel and powered by a single or twin 50W motor.
  • Built in multi-frequency sonde and high accuracy inclinometer, to aid surveying and to pinpoint pipe location and depth.
  • Automatic anti-roll software features helps prevent the crawler from flipping over.
  • Choice of wheels and tires (rubber or abrasive) for use in different pipe conditions.
  • Camera and Lighting

  • Choice of high resolution crawler or pushrod cameras, with ultra-bright, white LED technology for a long, maintenance-free life and high light performance.
  • Pan and Tilt and optical zoom (10x) cameras enable inspection of joints and laterals.
  • Skid and elevator accessories position the camera at the center of the pipe for inspection standard quality video surveying.
  • Lighthead accessories to provide extra light for inspecting larger pipes.


P350 Command Module

  • Compact and tough command module, can be left on the drum or fitted where convenient.
  • IP53 weather proofed and light weight (as little as 12lbs)-(5.5kg).
  • Splashproof keyboard for text entry and on-site comprehensive reporting systems with XML and HTML output.
  • Intuitive tractor control options, compatible with third party USB gamepads.
  • USB 2.0 to transfer all the files quickly to a PC or laptop .
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology to send photos world-wide instantly (compatible cell phone and service provider required).
  • Rugged yet Flexible

  • Self-contained power drum offers automatic retrieval mode, with crawler-cable rewind synchronization for safer and easier operations.
  • Thermostatically controlled cooling systems for quiet operation.
  • Cost effective, compact, manual drum option available for space- constrained installations, represents an ideal entry level system.
  • Choice of cable lengths from 330’(100m) to 1000’ (305m) with swivel-end tractor connection system provide system configurability and protection to the most vulnerable part of the cable.
  • Drum pendant remote control option facilitates easy system launch and retrieval.
  • Manhole and pipe roller accessories prevent unnecessary wear and damage to the cable.
  • On screen crawler roll and inclination indicator provide operators with real time information of the crawler angular position in the pipe.
  • Anti-roll software feature, automatically monitors the roll angle of the crawler and helps preventing flipping over.
  • Quick-release wheels and choice of rubber and abrasive tires enables fast set up and high pulling performance in most pipe conditions.
  • *Minimum specified diameter must be maintained along the whole length of the survey.
  • Flexiprobe pushrod support

  • One touch switch from crawler to pushrod operations, removes the need to move cables.
  • Supports full range of P340 flexiprobe pushrod reels and cameras to survey pipes from 1¼” (35mm).
  • Choice of different strength rods and lengths to suit domestic and commercial requirements.
  • 1” (25mm) or 2” (50mm) cameras, with ultra-bright, white LED technology for a long, maintenance-free life and exceptional light performance.
  • Fixed or flexible 512Hz and 640Hz sondes to enable tracing of pipes and the pinpointing of problematic areas.
  • Skid Accessories to protect the camera and position the camera at the centre of the pipe to produce industry standard complaint video surveys.
  • Command module mounting support allows using the P350 command module mounted directly on the reel-its pivot action allows for optimal screen orientation.
  • Downhole Performance

  • 356 steerable crawler for pipes from 6”(150mm) to 24”(600mm) in diameter*.
  • P354 non-steerable crawler allows access in a typical 12” (300mm) manhole and pipe surveys from 4” (100mm) to 12” (300mm) in diameter*.
  • Three high-definition crawler cameras: forward view, pan & tilt or pan & tilt with 10x optical zoom.
  • Ultra-bright LEDs for a long, maintenance-free life and exceptional light performance provide illumination for inspecting pipes up to 1m in diameter, and even greater in some pipe materials.
  • On screen Mimictm graphic display control and auto joint survey mode for easy pan & tilt operation.
  • FlexiSight Manager: survey management and reporting software

  • Can be used on Windows PCs and Laptops.
  • Import and manage flexitrax surveys - filter by date, customers or crews.
  • Edit videos, review or produce annotated pictures
  • Review, edit and create survey pipe defects observations (WRC MSSC5 complaint).
  • Optional pipe inclination module, enables quick pipe inclination analysis reports.
  • Review, edit and create custom survey reports as PDF or MS Word.