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Risks appear in every industry, but the type, scale and impact vary. Identifying the problem and solving it quickly is important. Often you wonder due to the size, shape, environment or location of your asset, how you should safely inspect it for leaks and structural integrity. Using skills developed across three decades of international multi-industry work, we are able to provide creative inspection solutions using the latest technology.

Whether it is a crawler, a tractor, an ROV, a borescope or a thermal imaging camera, we have equipment with which we can carry out inspections on all sorts of surfaces and at all sorts of angles. With inspection experience underwater, on water, underground, on ground and above ground, there are few places our equipment can’t take you. We offer equipment rental, contracting and project engineering services and our inspection technology and methods aim to minimise disruption and downtime.

Inspectahire is committed to being progressive in the application of new technology and developing innovative processes and services to remain a market leader of inspection services.

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