ATEX Lighting

ATEX Lighting

Many of the inspections which we undertake are in places which have poor or no natural light.

Therefore, the need for bright, good quality artificial light is important. We have a wide variety of lighting solutions to help shed light on any inspection.

For smaller and more restricted spaces safety torches provide an effective and safe solution for lighting an inspection site. These can either be held in the inspectors hand or attached to clothing and the angle of light can be adjusted up to 90ยบ.

The torches are fitted with long life halogen or xenon bulbs and can give outstanding light for up to 12 hours, and have a tough, chemical resistant and certified IP67 (Immersion Protection) design.

In larger spaces, lamps which are driven by high power compressed air generate safe and strong light. Light generated in this way has a strong safety track record and is extensively used in the petrochemical, oil and marine industries. It offers a safer alternative to mains and low voltage lighting and can be used in spaces which have an explosive atmosphere which could pose a serious risk to the workforce.

Another artificial lighting option which is explosion proof is light weight fibre optic illumination. This produces an intense, extremely white light which is ideal for close inspections and it can also floodlight hazardous areas. This technology has been developed over a number of years and is ideal for use in and around areas in which hazardous concentrations of flammable vapour, liquid or dust may be present, such as aircraft maintenance areas, dust-laden atmospheres and in fuel tank inspections.

We have a wide selection of lighting solutions including explosion proof lighting available on a rental or contract basis please contact us directly to find out more.

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