Cordex Genesis Flashlights

  • Cordex Genesis Flashlight
  • Cordex Genesis lightweight and intrinsically safe flashlight

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Cordex Genesis Flashlights

The CorDEX Atex Intrinsically safe lighting range includes the lightweight and rugged Flashlights. Power, Longevity and Flexibility at your fingertips with the GENESIS, intrinsically safe lighting solutions from CorDEX.

Every product in our flashlight range is manufactured from the highest quality aircraft aluminium. FL Series flashlights are impact resistant, shockproof and are so durable, you can even use them underwater. Not only are these probably the most rugged industrial flashlights on the market today, they are also Intrinsically Safe.

Incorporating super bright, white light LEDs powered by off-the-shelf batteries, the CorDEX FL Series Flashlights Pack a big punch in a compact package.