Genesis Lantern

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Genesis Lantern

The CorDEX Intrinsically safe lighting range includes the lightweight and rugged handportable LED Worklight. Power, Longevity and Flexibility at your fingertips with the GENESIS, intrinsically safe lighting solutions from CorDEX.

ATEX and IECEx certified, GENESIS Intrinsically Safe lighting products are rigorously tested to ensure maximum reliability with power, longevity and flexibility at your fingertips.

The CorDEX Intrinsically safe, lightweight and rugged hand portable LED Worklight:

  • Handportable LED Lantern
  • Lightweight and rugged
  • IP54 Industrial Protection
  • Five super-bright LEDs
  • Powered by interchangeable EXIS™ battery
  • Zone 1 Hot Swappable technology
  • Intrinsically Safe

EXIS™ – GENESIS Zone 1 Hot Swap Battery technology

Using the interchangeable, EXIS™ smart battery pack, GENESIS can remain in the hazardous location as long as you require, providing 400 lumens of light for a virtually indefinite period. There is no need to return to the safe area to charge a battery or replace for a new one, with GENESIS Zone 1 Hot Swap technology, you can replace the battery right there, in the hazardous area, as soon as you need to saving you time and money whilst keeping you safe. ATEX and IECEx certified, GENESIS lighting products are rigorously tested to ensure maximum reliability.

The smartEXIS™ powerpacks have on-board energy level indication, along with a Bluetooth enabled battery diagnostic station providing you with data relating to your battery health, charge state and much more all via a dedicated PC application.