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The Seabotix-LBC is a revolutionary hull inspection system providing unprecedented stability and control in extreme conditions.

The Seabotix-LBC

The Seabotix-LBC (Little Bethnic Crawler) expands on the industry leading LBC crawler system with a new tracked drive system. The crawler skid represents the ultimate in versatility with the ability to conduct traditional ROV inspections as well as crawler inspections.

The LBC’s unique vortex suction device enables it to adhere strongly to the surface being inspected in currents up to 5 knots. Even in such difficult conditions the LBC provides a stable sensor platform for high quality data acquisition.

The LBC is comprised of the Crawler Skid Attachment (CSA) and the LBV300-5 system. Operators have a fully functional MiniROV system found in the LBV-5 and the ability to add the CSA when required in only minutes. No other system offers the versatility and capability. With it’s ability to stay in one position indefinitely the LBC can acquire data unlike a free swimming ROV.

Technical Specification

  • Weight in Air 28kg/61.7lbs
  • System 530 x 500 x 400mm/21” x 19.7” x 15.7”
  • Diagonal 640mm/25.2”
  • Drive train Four wheel drive each with motor and gearbox. Direct drive
  • Pulling force 8.8kgf - 19.4lbf
  • Speed up to 30 m/min - 100 ft/min
  • Tires 152mm - 6in rubber knobby
  • Suction Device Vortex Generator
  • Attraction 23 kgf - 50.7 lbf
  • Surface capability Any hard surface (somewhat smooth)
  • Clearance 25.4 mm - 1 in