FLIR ThermaCAM P60

  • FLIR ThermaCAM P60

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A tool that’s ahead of its time. Designed by FLIR Systems… and its customers.

Over the last years, more and more predictive maintenance professionals have become aware of the advantages of using infrared cameras in their predictive maintenance programs. As a result, the market for infrared has grown considerably.

As the world leader in infrared camera systems, FLIR Systems has designed and produced the ultimate infrared camera, based on the needs and wishes expressed by its customers.

The result is FLIR Systems’ ThermaCAM™ P60: the perfect choice for maintenance professionals who realize that infrared imaging and measurement can save their companies millions each year. The P60 features everything you need to make well-informed maintenance decisions:

  • Outstanding image quality
  • Precision non-contact temperature measurement
  • Visual and thermal imaging
  • Text and voice annotation
  • Auto-focus
  • Ergonomic, lightweight and portable
  • Wireless communication
  • High speed image download
  • Fully radiometric JPEG storage
  • Software for professional inspection reporting
  • The ThermaCAM P60 is a powerful infrared inspection system, ergonomically designed to maximize the efficiency and productivity of the professional thermographer.