FLIR GF343 Infrared Camera

  • FLIR GF343 Infrared Camera
  • thermal image of gas escaping from valve
  • thermal image of gas escaping from pipe

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FLIR GF343 Infrared Camera

The GF343 is an optical gas imaging camera that lets you see CO2 leaks quickly, easily, and from a safe distance. Whether CO2 is a byproduct of a production process, a trace gas used to detect leaks from power generators, or as part of an Enhanced Oil Recovery program, fast and accurate detection of CO2 leaks is key to keeping your operation running safely, efficiently, and profitably.

Visually detects CO2 gas leaks in real time

Use safer CO2 as tracer gas to localize leaks and verify repairs quickly, easily, and reliably

  • See CO2 used as a trace gas to find leaks of more dangerous gasses, like hydrogen
  • Find where CO2 is escaping from EOR operations
  • Discover CO2 losses in a variety of industrial manufacturing, transportation, and storage uses

Decreases downtime and saves money

Detect CO2 as a predictive maintenance tool to prevent downtime and inventory loss

  • Avert unplanned outages
  • Allows online inspections so you don’t have to take revenue-generating equipment offline for inspection
  • Stop leaks to save money from lost inventory and regulatory fines

Improve operations safety and protect the environment

Keep facilities safe while working towards a carbon-neutral operation

  • Improve efficiencies of EOR operations
  • Stop leaks in carbon capture and storage operations
  • Use CO2 as a trace gas to find dangerous hydrogen leaks