FLIR GF346 Thermal Imaging Camera

  • Flir GF346

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FLIR GF346 Thermal Imaging Camera

The new FLIR GF346 is a revolutionary thermal imaging camera capable of finding carbon monoxide and a number of other gases. It is unbeatable for detecting even the smallest leaks. The FLIR GF346 offers a complete unique method of tracing leaks to their source by visualizing this in an image.

Key specifications

  • Real-time visualization of gas leaks
  • Can be used for a wide variety of thermal inspections
  • Measures temperatures in a non-contact mode with an accuracy of +/-1%
  • Temperature range: from -20˚C to +300˚C
  • Internal data/video storage
  • High sensitivity mode: detects even very small amounts of leaking gas
  • Digital camera and GPS
  • High-performance LCD and tiltable high-resolution viewfinder
  • Lightweight and robust design
  • Multi-angle handle with integrated direct-access button