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Thermal Imaging makes the invisible visible. Essential to safety it provides effective and efficient monitoring using handheld cameras or robust fixed installations.

Thermal imaging is a valuable tool used to monitor surface temperatures from a safe distance helping to ensure systems are running correctly. This has become a predictive maintenance tool of choice and with FLIRs extensive range of cameras offering the very latest thermal technologies for sectors such as energy, health & science, construction, aviation and sport & leisure used across a variety of applications.

With recent public health concerns around Covid-19 there is a real need for a proactive approach to protect the public and detect elevated temperatures. Thermal cameras offer an effective tool that can be deployed quickly in airports, train terminals, concerts and other large public areas to measure skin surface temperature and identify individuals with Elevated Body Temperature (EBT).

As official agents for FLIR, we stock a range of thermal imaging cameras. Contact us today for price and availability.