HotSense Ultrasonic Sensor

  • HotSense Ultrasonic Sensor
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Continous Monitoring

HotSense™ ultrasonic sensors for in-service wall thickness monitoring Minimise operational risk and maximise productivity with enhanced asset intelligence. Ultrasonic transducers and system solutions ideal for thickness, corrosion and erosion monitoring for use in applications across refining, oil & gas, energy, nuclear, aerospace and process sectors.


  • Thickness Monitoring
  • Crack Detection
  • Range Sensing
  • Level Sensing

Measurement Made Easy

  • Monitor wall thickness in-service across a wide temperature range -55 to +380 °C
  • Detect wall loss to 0.010 mm (0.001”) Complement inspection and improve repeatability & accuracy with fixed transducers installed directly on to assets
  • Support asset integrity and corrosion management programs (including RBI, FFS & FEA)
  • Reduce costs with replacement of intrusive methods and reduced scaffolding/insulation removal
  • Increased safety with reduced exposure and man-hours at asset

Technical Specification

Parameter Value Unit
Design Temperature 55 to +380 °C
Continuous Operating Temperature -40 to +350 °C
Delay Line Material 304 Stainless Steel -
Delay Line Length 25 mm
Ruggedisation Certified to IP66 and IP68. Stainless steel construction -
Connector Type 00 Lemo receptacle as standard -
Active Element Diameter 10 mm
Transducer Centre Frequency 3.25 MHz
+ compatible with both 2.25 MHz and 5 MHz flaw detectors / UT hardware
-6 dB Bandwidth 80 %
Signal to Noise Ratio > 20 dB
Couplant Solid/Foil -
Material Straps/Mounting 316 Stainless Steel -
Standard Pipe Sizes NPS 2-16” Other sizes available via special request
Total Mass (Transducer, mount, straps) 1.0 - 1.4 kg Dependent on strap size