Our technicians have extensive experience and qualifications in providing inspection and training services.

We offer a wide range of inspection solutions such as visual surveys, NDT, gas emissions surveys, weld inspection, foreign object retrievals, IRIS surveys of Heat Exchangers, ROV/UAV surveys, Thermography, Ultrasonic thickness surveys, PMI, Tank and Vessel Inspections.

Regular inspections can identify problems before they happen and in the long run save time and money.

Additionally Asset owners have to comply with Environmental and HSE regulations and these technologies and services can ensure your compliance. We can and do undertake inspections in all sorts of environments - Explosive, Radioactive, Fluid, Potable Water… We have inspection experience on assets including Oil Rigs, FPSO’s, Bridges, LPG Tanks, boilers, aircraft, Refineries, Distilleries, pipes, chimneys, intakes, outfalls, flares, wind turbine towers and blades.