marine inspections services

Marine Inspections

Complementing our ability to Inspect assets and Infrastructure both on and offshore, we also have the equipment and capability to carry out integrated marine Inspections from our own RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) or quayside/shoreside.

Our Inspections personnel are technically and operationally experienced, consistently delivering our services with a safety and cost-conscious approach across all operations.

Operating inshore and shallow water, we deploy a range of equipment to Include:

  • Inspection ROVs – VideoRay Pro 3 & Pro 4
  • Hull Inspection crawlers – SeaBotix - 5 System LBC
  • Subsea Cameras
  • Sonar & Geo Mapping Equipment
  • ROV Mounted Laser Measurement & Leak Detection Tools
  • Dive Inspections (In-House HSE Scuba)
scuba diving

Laser Measurement & Leak Detection

Our Inspection ROVs can be deployed with laser measurement and leak detection tooling from Oceantools. The C-Laser and C-Gauge laser measurement systems & OceanSENSE Subsea leak detection tools are fitted to our VideoRay ROVs.

marine rov videoray for laser inspection