optical gas imaging inspection of pipe work using flir camera

Optical Gas Imaging (OGI)

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We carry out a range of thermal imaging services on a contract basis to aid in gas leak detection, including SF6 Surveys for sulphur hexafluoride.

Many industrial gases and chemical compounds are invisible to the naked eye. Yet companies transport and transform these ingredients every day.

Optical imaging using thermal cameras for gas thermal imaging offers a number of benefits compared to traditional “sniffers” because they scan a broader area much more rapidly and in areas that are difficult to reach with contact measurement tools. Infrared displays a leak as a plume of vapor in the infrared image. Once a leak is found, from a safe distance, you can use your TVA to quantify the concentration.

Below are a selection from the range of cameras we offer on a contract basis, supplied with qualified personnel only. For more information or to arrange a product demonstration please contact us directly.


oil and gas industry gas leak detection
Oil & Gas Industry Gas Leak Detection

Optical Gas Imaging services for oil and gas industry on and offshore

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