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Flatmesh camera

The FlatMesh Camera is a fully integrated product which combines a high quality digital camera, GPRS modem and FlatMesh network radio node in order to provide a high quality and robust visual monitoring capability as an integral part of the FlatMesh network.

Dual Infrared illuminators ensure that the camera is capable of taking very clear images at night whilst the integration of a rechargeable battery ensures that the camera can be powered without the need for external mains supply.

Key Benefits

  • Can be triggered to take an image via the FlatMesh Web Monitor or by a message initiated by Senceive’s dual-axis tilt sensor nodes and passed over the FlatMesh wireless communications network
  • Dual illuminators for good image quality in low light conditions
  • Choice of lens types i.e. wide or narrow for different site conditions, depending on the length of the site and the possible positioning of the camera
  • Integrated Quad Band GPRS Modem
  • Fully integrated solar charging circuit connected to internal rechargeable lithium battery pack (no external battery pack)
  • Integrated invisible infrared illuminators for simple and error-free installation. The use of infra-red means there is no visual disturbance for personnel in the vicinity
  • Integrated temperature sensor and battery monitor
  • Weatherproof to IP66


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