Elios Collision-Tolerant Drone

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Flyability Elios Collision-Tolerant Drone

Discover the first collision-tolerant drone, designed for the inspection and exploration of the most inaccessible places.

Allowing for the first time to fly in complex, cluttered or indoor spaces, Elios unleashes the potential of UAVs in numerous applications where their use was previously too dangerous or simply impossible.

While conventional methods are still required for maintenance, preliminary inspection can be performed at lower cost, risk, and infrastructure downtime.


Improve Safety

By enabling remote visual inspection in any indoor environments, Elios prevents the need for workers to enter hazardous places or face dangerous situations.

Reduce Downtime

Elios is deployed and ready to gather visuals within a minute. Performing an entire inspection is no longer a matter of days but hours.

Lower Cost

Scaffolding, rope access, or crane are no longer needed to perform visual inspections. Elios gathers visuals of the most complex and cluttered spaces for you.